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it's way too easy for a good business to be let down by terrible branding. we won't let that happen.

When you talk about branding, most people immediately think about your logo. But your brand is a lot more than that. 

Your brand is who you are. It’s what people think or say about you when you’re not around. It’s what you stand for. It’s even how you make people feel.

Get it right: you’re memorable to the right people. They feel more comfortable with you, which makes them more likely to take action.

Get it wrong: you’re forgettable at best, put people off at worst. You end up fighting an uphill battle for results.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so let’s make that impression count.


It’s the strategies that make all the difference. Rather than just putting together pretty color combinations, we develop strategies to help achieve the business outcomes you really want to happen. We figure out who we need to speak to, what we're trying to say, and the best way to craft that message (aka what features the design needs to be effective).


With a clear plan in mind, we start working on some brand concepts. We identify color combinations that will pass on the right message to your target audience, fonts that convey the right emotions, and start working on some options for your logo. We then review the concepts together, do any refinement that might be necessary, and come up with a final choice for your identity that we can be confident will hit the target. We then run through the concept with you, explaining the decisions we've made along the way and why they will help us achieve your goals.


With your brand and identity taken care of, we can prepare the final brand guide to tell you how to implement your brand. This gives you the rules on how to use and not use your logo, how the colours work together, what types of images you should use (and what to stay away from). It's your complete brand bible.This helps you visualise what your new website will look like, and we can make sure that what we're thinking is going to tick all the boxes.

level up your brand

Let’s be real: it isn’t hard to find a cheap logo that looks decent. Heck, there’s even free logo generators out there that can sometimes make something that will look… okay.

But remember, your brand isn’t just your logo. And it’s easy to make even a great logo look terrible, if you don’t know how to use it.

Having an experienced pro develop your brand means it’s going to be way more likely to actually convey the message and feelings you want conveyed. It is way more likely to give the right impression, and actually stand out (in a good way). And it’s way more likely to work and look good consistently.

Do your business a favor and make sure you’re representing your brand in its best possible light.

the basics

our brand guides include

color palette

There is a lot of science about colors and psychology, and we use that to help us develop your brand palette. Making sure your brand colors not only work together but also give off the right vibes is a key part of a good brand.


Fonts often seem like they aren't all that important, but it makes a huge difference to the feelings your brand inspires. We match the characteristics of fonts with those of your brand for the ultimate result.

seo friendly

Often one of the biggest examples of your brand implementation, we develop a logo that works on a variety of different mediums, in a variety of different sizes, and (of course) helps your brand stand out.

image usage

Your brand guide will include some ideas of the images that represent your brand, and what sort of styles they are and how to use them.


To help visualise what's possible, our brand guides also include some example mockups of your brand being applied in the real world.

dos and don'ts

For each section of the brand guide, we includes "dos and don'ts" to make sure you don't apply your brand in ways that diminish its quality.

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